Promotes growth of new skin, smooths fine lines, improves sun damage, age spots, acne scarring & hyperpigmentation.

Microdermabrasion is a wonderful treatment to clarify, smooth and even skin complexions.  This non-invasive technique gently removes dry, dead skin cells to uncover a beautiful, healthy glow.  This is a perfect single performance treatment to refresh and renew the skin’s appearance or may be an add-on with other performance services.

Ideally, for optimal results, microdermabrasion treatments are performed every 14 days for 4 to 6 sessions.  After that, once a month is recommended to maintain the results.

Recommended for:

– Mature +  sun damaged skin
– Acne Scarring
– Pigmented Discoloration + Sun Spots
– Fine Lines and Wrinkles
– Enlarged + Congested Follicles


– Leaves little to no redness
– Rejuvenates and renews your skin’s health
– Individualized treatments
– No downtime
– Results are immediate
– Suitable for most skin types